An Intimate Wedding at Contigo Ranch

Contigo Ranch Fredericksburg

Entrance to Contigo Ranch Fredericksburg, TX

This past spring, I had the honor of documenting Samantha and Bryan pledge their love to each other. They chose to make this happen at Contigo Ranch in Fredericksburg, TX. If you’re looking for a secluded place to house your friends and family for a weekend wedding, then Contigo is the place to do it. With incredible scenery, a number of housing options, and a selection of ceremony sites to fit your dream wedding, Contigo will make those dreams a reality. 

Fredericksburg, TX, as a whole, is known for inspiring hill country beauty, but seeing the ranch for the first time, I was in awe. As soon as I pulled in I felt taken back and that this place was truly somewhere to take things a little slower. 

So pulling in, I drove through to get to the cottage that Samantha was getting ready in, I took a detour to the bluff to really gage the magnitude of the Hill Country. This well kept little piece of heaven is one of the places you can have your ceremony at Contigo. Although Samantha and Bryan were not going to tie the knot in this exact location, I knew I had to bring them up here around sunset for a magical photo session. You’ll see some of that magic later!

View of Texas Hill Country in Fredericksburg Texas
View of Texas Hill Country in Fredericksburg Texas

Arriving at the cottages, I took in the architecture and the setting. It gave off an old west vibe with a Tuscan/Spanish influence. 

View of Contigo Ranch Cottage

There are 10 guest cottages and 5 historic guest cabins. Both the cottages and the cabins have fun and unique features that would make anyone feel at peace while staying here. Read more detail about staying at Contigo Ranch here.

view of cottage and bride at contigo ranch

The cottages are located near the Hall, Contigo’s 6,000 square feet covered indoor and outdoor space. You can imagine having a grand ole time with your guests inside this space. Samantha and Bryan opted for a more intimate gathering with family. So they chose the Barn as their space.

the barn at contigo ranch

The Barn creates a unity atmosphere. The size is perfect for what Samantha and Bryan were envisioning for their union. As family began to gather around, I could feel the love they shared.

Family photo laughing
Bride and father walking the barn contigo ranch

I always enjoy small gatherings. Just a few chairs were set out. But the beauty that surrounded this little patch of heaven was an incredible scene for this ceremony. Samantha’s dad led her to Bryan and so starts their journey.

wedding ceremony the barn contigo ranch
wedding ceremony the barn contigo ranch

I saw a ceremony that was intimate and a testament to God’s grace. I love capturing these types of moments. The setting was calm and peaceful. I don’t think they could’ve hoped for a better day.

Bride and groom just married walking down the aisle

After the ceremony, we made our way up to the Bluff. The sun staring to set and the glow of the newly weds was just as bright. I was so excited to spend this time with them. I believe it’s important to create a space for new couples to experience what they just did without overwhelming them with a bunch of poses and direction. Often times they are already so happy and in love that I don’t even need to say anything. I just let them bask in it.

Bride and groom photo session the bluff

So after a magical sunset session, the bride and groom and I made our way back to the barn to celebrate with their family. There was food and drinks and sugary goodness we all indulged in. Samantha and Bryan’s family and friends shared stories and well wishes. The night came to its’ end with a bubble send off.

bride and groom exit the barn

What a day! I’m always honored to document and share moments of two individuals who come together in the sacred covenant of marriage. To do so in a beautiful setting like Contigo Ranch is just all the more special.

Be sure to check out all that Contigo has to offer on their website. Even if you’re not getting married, it’s an incredible place for a family retreat! Contigo Ranch Fredericksburg

If you’d like to see a few more photos from Samantha and Bryan’s intimate wedding, you can check that out HERE

I am looking forward to the next couple I get to capture at Contigo. If you’re interested in the work I do for wedding photography and videography, I want to connect with you on Spark Joy

Thank you for sharing a few minutes with me for story time!

August 24, 2023

wedding couple holding hands

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